Website Prototype: How to Build a Website Prototype?

Once you’ve built your perfect prototype, it’s time to test it with your target users. If you click through to the prototype link, you’ll be able to interact with the prototype to get a sense of the designer’s vision for the user experience. Learn how and when to use different prototyping tools and tactics, with best practices from Zurb, Google Ventures, IDEO, and many more.

prototype for a website

Prototypes are drawn on pieces of paper or a blackboard. You can fix what is not suitable for you without a significant investment of time and money. A prototype of the future site is a rough model of the future web design of your site. The prototype can be compared to a 3-D design of your future home. With a single click, generate specifications documents from your prototypes. Create your own specifications document templates or use our API to generate the assets you need.

Prototyping with presentation software

To allow other members of the team to share their inputs, this free web prototyping tool will enable you to incorporate all of the team members efficiently. Hack Design offers concise lessons each week and is designed by great experienced designers. They also offer a bundle of 50 beginner’s lessons to get your basics right with website prototype.

prototype for a website

Real-time collaboration – Developing a website is a collaborative effort, and being able to invite collaborators to get your project finished faster is incredibly convenient. A prototype is the earliest form of a product, almost identical to the final product. It is the first building block you need to start your journey of creating something new.


Chances are good that the perfect one for your team looks something like one of the prototypes on this list, give or take a few details. We highlighted some of the best examples and put the rest in a Google Slides deck for easy reference. Jerry was a content strategist at wireframing and prototyping app UXPin, where he developed in-app and online content. Both beginner and veteran designers use specialised tools like the ones below prototype a website – beginners for the ease-of-use, and veterans for the controls crafted to their particular needs. There are a few distinct advantages of prototyping in code, mostly owing to the fact that you’re starting the design in something that resembles the final form. In this article, we’ll explore the crucial role of bug tracking software or bug tracking tools and how they strengthen the backbone of successful product development.

prototype for a website

The prototype is tested and refined until the user’s experience is optimized. If you find yourself thinking about how much you hate the look of the prototype, well, we agree! If you’re part of a large company or institution, you may be part of a board or committee responsible for planning the business website. To make things as easy as possible, be sure opinions are removed from facts. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a mess, not a user-friendly website. This is not the time to re-write sentences, question keywords, or determine the color of the website banner.

Website Prototype: How to Make a Website Prototype?

Today there are more reasons than ever to start coding early. The ‘I design it, you build it’ waterfall mentality taken by designers in the past has become outdated as technology advances in large strides and collaboration becomes mandatory. Now that your former Figma project is finished and coded, it’s time to export. You have multiple options here as well, like exporting code to a different development environment , exporting to Github, or saving it locally as a ZIP file. Click on the “Export to TeleportHQ” button to convert your Figma design into code, and have the output automatically created in TeleportHQ. If you already have a project in TeleportHQ, you can click on the “Copy layers to clipboard” button and paste your code there.

prototype for a website

You can see the site visitors falling in love with the landscapes of the exotic destinations and booking a cruise before they know it. Share a snapshot of your prototype at an exact point in time. Take your prototype’s interactivity one step further by introducing micro-animations with’s powerful animation features.

Create prototypes that feel like the real experience

However, the higher the fidelity, the more time, effort, and resources are required. Once a plan for the prototype is ready, the prototype is designed with special software. The prototyping software allows the designer to create and use templates, layer elements, and even use html code to build a final product that is highly functional. Justinmind has been gathering momentum as a popular website and app prototyping tool. Plus, Justinmind offers unlimited projects and pricing options ranging from free to enterprise level.

Overall, many tools can help with prototyping websites, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and workflow. Since you’ve done the target audience research in the research stage, it’s time to get relevant feedback from that audience. You first need to create a website to get your idea out there, right?

Step 2: Research

When we design our websites, we progress from wireframing to prototyping to – finally – a full design. Resize, rotate, align and style objects – or transform multiple objects and groups – with smart and dynamic tools. Select from a range of integrated stencil kits for both mobile-app and web design – including iOS, Android, and Bootstrap.

  • A website prototype takes it to a whole new level by adding interactions and animation and giving a user a look and feel of what an end product will look like.
  • Create professional wireframes for websites, apps, and dashboards.
  • Plus, Justinmind offers unlimited projects and pricing options ranging from free to enterprise level.
  • While it’s not necessarily designed specifically for ready prototypes, like some of the tools mentioned above, it is a great place to create website wireframe mockups.
  • Digital prototypes can be low-fidelity or high-fidelity .
  • Fluid UI’s software is great for rapid prototyping thanks to it’s simple user interface.

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